with Ken Blackman, Om Rupani & Robert Kandell

Webinar December 7th 2016

Webinar January 5th 2017

Workshop January 21st 2017


Women are outpacing men in the sexual evolution!

Women are hungry for arriving at the next level of man-woman relating. Women are MORE hungry for sexual adventure and sexual self-expression. The women of today are demolishing the myth that men want sex more than women, that men seek more sexual variety than women, that men think about sex more than women.

The woman of today is more interested in exploring Dominance and Submission play. She is more interested in expanding her voice and power in the political & social realm, while simultaneously designing her sensual and intimate life in a way that is genuinely fulfilling to her—including when that sensual expression looks like her allowing her submissive aspect to come out and seek expression and fulfillment in the bedroom. Or her Dominant aspect!

Compared to this, the men of today feel either lost in their trek, or they still feel like they are wearing their father’s and grandfather’s shoes. The modern man appears ill-equipped to handle the modern woman. He is not sexually trained or sexually confident, in spite of the persona he might present. He is in deep doubt about who or what he is supposed to be in this world, and in relation to his woman. And he is deeply ill-equipped to hold a field in which his woman’s deeper, more taboo sexual desires may have permission to express themselves.

The result of this combination is an atmosphere of failure and frustration between the sexes.

Both the sexes are ‘coping’ with this frustration in their own ineffective ways. Men are heavily seeking their release in pornography. Women seem to be oscillating between trying alternate ways of engaging men —trying on men’s variety of multiple-partners and promiscuity, attempting to take the lead in dating and sex — and then often swinging to the other end into resignation and periodic celibacy out of sheer exhaustion.


We, in this program and workshop, are here to provide you a way through this treacherous territory. We want to train men to hold a bigger space in which women feel they can finally open and release their sex. We want to train men to effectively handle the depth and width of women’s Eros.

And we want to show women better ways of understanding and relating with men—to create win-win games by letting go of old resentments and a battleground mindset towards the masculine archetype — something that has often been passed on to them from the previous generation of frustrated and unhappy women.

Let’s breakthrough to a new paradigm of man-woman relating and sexing!