Private Coaching with Om Rupani

I’m available for online and in-person Coaching Sessions.

On-line sessions, via FaceTime or Skype, are 1 hour long.

In-person sessions take place in NYC and are 2 hours long.

You may come singly or as a couple to the session; the fee is the same for both.

Please Note:  I DO NOT do any hands-on work in my coaching session.  If you come singly, our session will be talk-based.  I may recommend exercises or homework to you during the session.  If you come do a session as a couple, I will generally lead the two of you through a hands-on portion during which you will physically interact with each other.


My Goals for you:

  • To examine internal patterns and way of being that are holding you back in your sensuality and relating.

  • To help you create greater friendliness in your relationship by encouraging you to be a stand for your own and your partner’s self-expression.

  • To help you stifle Drama and Breakdown in your life by implementing clear relationship agreements and resolving to keep your word going forward.

  • To provide you with tools and skills to expand you sensual repertoire.

  • To provide you mentorship in your d/s play.


The Commitment I Will Demand From You:

Come ready to go into areas of your psyche that have been zones of aversion for you.  Come willing to REALLY take on new ideas and ways of being.  Be hungry for that transformation you are seeking.  And take 100% responsibility for your experience.  Take 100% responsibility for your emotions.

Please do not come here seeking confirmation of your existing beliefs and patterns.

I ask that you be a DEMAND FOR COACHING.  That you eagerly seek out and follow through on the coaching.  That you try on new ideas and ways of being with diligence and enthusiasm.  

Even with this, I offer you NO particular guarantee of outcome as a result of our work together.  I can guarantee that if you work with me whole-heartedly, you WILL gain clarity about your patterns and ways of being and you will acquire new skills in relating and sensuality.  Taking this new found clarity and skills and launching them towards creating a more vibrant, loving and hotter life will require follow-through on your part.


Fees :

1 hour session: $350

2 hour session: $700

4 hour package: $1400

8 hour package: $2800

10 hour package: $3500


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