Creating The Dominant Man


Creating The Dominant Man


DATES: November 16, 17; 2019

TIME: 9:30am - 6pm

LOCATION: Austin, Texas. Exact address will be emailed to registrants.



This class is for straight men who want to learn to get in touch with their conscious, masculine dominance, and who want the inside track on the feminine psyche and what it deeply craves from the masculine.

This class will be taught in person over a weekend.  That will be followed by 3 online coaching and Q&A sessions.  These sessions will occur over a Zoom conference call and will be recorded and posted publicly to YouTube.  This will give the participating men a chance to review and revisit the material.  The second purpose of posting these conversations publicly is to enroll other men interested in doing this work into future workshops.


Om Rupani - Om has been practicing and teaching the art of Dominance & Submission for over 15 years. He also teaches workshops in Tantra, Man-Woman Relating and Sensuality. He has presented his works in a multitude of countries on most continents. You can check out his book, ‘Prerequisites to Ecstasy’. You can learn more about him: HERE

Sarrah Rose - Sarrah Rose is the founder of Tantric Activation. She’s a certified Sex Coach and specializes in Men’s Sexuality. As a Sex Coach, Sarrah works with men to help them become Advanced Lovers and Sexual Masters. Sarrah understands that sexuality is linked to confidence in all areas of life and from premature ejaculation to difficulty getting hard to porn addiction to inability to bring their women to orgasm, Sarrah guides men through these issues and more so that they can reach their goals.


A man’s DOMINANCE should be as fluid, integrated and even invisible as his CHARACTER.  In fact, if a man’s dominance is genuinely anchored in his being and not just some put-on, it will feel indistinguishable from his character.  His dominance is not a pose; it is not a set of mannerisms.  Nor is it always loud or abrasive or even aggressive.  The full range of true dominance is more subtle and even poetic than that.

You must come into this course believing that there is a DOM inside of you already.  It is an archetype that resides in your spirit.  It is nothing that needs to be added on to you.  It is something that needs to be awoken in you.  Your Dom has his own wisdom, his own instinct, his own desires, his own sense of morality and self-worth.

Depending on what kind of background your are coming from, a small or large amount of cobwebs might be covering up your Dom archetype.  During the course of our conversations, we will do our best to clear your cobwebs.  Some of them will go pretty quickly.  Others will likely take some practice and repetition to extricate from your system.

Consider this class a deep attitude adjustment.  We are going to get in there and tinker with your notions of what masculinity and femininity is, and what configuration of the two can yield the most vibrant and passionate results.  And you are always at choice what you accept and reject in the material that is presented.  Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide and define your manhood.

Overall, Om and Sarrah are going to divide their labors a bit during this workshop.  Om will present concepts and lead discussions.  Sarrah will take the men into somatic exercises to get them in touch with their primal power and confront the baggage from the past that is keeping you from being your fullest.  And she will give you the female-side of the information that you likely have not received from the women in your own life in the past.

Come with an open mind.  Come prepared to hear at least a few ideas that are likely going to bother you deeply.


Watch Band Of Brothers.


Om & Sarrah