Dominance & Submission Principles for Eros & Romance

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Dominance & Submission Principles for Eros & Romance


February 10th, 11th.  Saturday / Sunday

10am - 6pm


The Phoenix Ranch

1141 E 1200 Road.

Lawrence, Kansas  66047


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I'm very excited to be offering this new course!

We’ll start with hands-on BDSM training in this course.  As you acquire skills in d/s, we will explore how the same principles that make Dominance & Submission work are also foundational for a great Romantic relationship.

Start with Eros and build towards Romance.

This will be an exercise based class.  Come with your partner or pair up with someone in class.

You will always get to decide your comfort level with the exercises in class.  Learning to speak your desires and boundaries in real time is an absolutely crucial element in creating a good Erotic dynamic as well as in creating a sustainable Romantic dynamic.

In some of the exercises, such as rope bondage training, spanking training, students will be encouraged to undress to the level that they are comfortable.  But you are always welcome to remain fully clothed through the whole workshop.  But do make room for the fact that others around you might be in a state of undress.