Surrendering to Dark Desires

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Surrendering to Dark Desires


Evening Salon

Austin TX

September 22nd, Thursday 7-9pm



5500 Shoal Creek Blvd.

Garage apartment

Austin, 78768

Cell#: 917-543-1420

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Which of your desires do you find problematic?


Which desires are you too afraid to look in the face?


What aspects of your Eros have you deemed unacceptable?


D/s play can offer us a great playground for our Dark and Troublesome Desires.


Within the solid container of CONSENT and clear communication, we can make room for these rich and true aspects of our psyche and play with each other at levels of intimacy previously untouched.


This salon will offer you the chance to dig a little into your own hidden nature.  See what you find there.


Come explore. 

If you enjoy this evening, consider joining me for the longer immersion in the weekend course on September 24th & 25th.


——  Om Rupani.