Moving Deeper in Your D/s Play

July 30th  8-9:30pm

The Steam Factory.  middletown, CT


What does going DEEPER mean?  


Does it mean brining more VARIETY in your d/s play?  


Does going deeper entail adding greater INTENSITY to your scenes?


While intensity and variety are reliable ways of bringing richness to our d/s exploration, I propose that the key element that makes us feel we are hitting a new level in our d/s journey is when we experience deeper EMOTION in our play with our partner.


Variety is easier to create.  You can start by simply getting some new toys or changing up your routine.

Intensity is also not very complex to generate.  Just turn up the heat in whatever play you are already doing.


But creating an experience between yourself and your partner that hits new emotional peaks is more elusive.


We will discuss and share what is involved in navigating this emotional terrain and how Variety and Intensity can be used in service of deepening the Emotional bond and the Emotional vulnerability between Dom and Sub.


Bring your questions.  Bring your experiences.  Listen to others, and share from your own journey.  Meet some like-minded explorers.


Looking forward to conversing with you.


---Om Rupani