d/s training for sexual shamans


Om Rupani & Teeni Dakini


about This course


Over the past 10 years, I have continuously heard from women who do tantric-relational work that they have clients who are interested in exploring Dominance & Submission, and would it be possible for me to give them some quick tips on the subject.


Practicing D/s from quick tips is a bad idea!  


This is not something you should learn on the fly and declare yourself an expert in.  I recommend extensive training and mentorship.  To that end, I have prompted my inquiring friends to go take some workshops in BDSM, whether my own or other teacher’s.  I recommend to them that they spend time and practice acquiring rope skills and impact play skills—learn to do them with control and mastery.


And, I’ve also thought for years that I should myself design and offer a course in BDSM specifically for women who are already in the business of handling bodies and spirits for a living.  This is that course!


That does not mean that others are excluded from it.  Everyone is welcome.  Every skill of the courtesan is a skill the wife can well use.


This is a hands-on course.  You will take turns embodying the archetype of the Dominant and the Submissive.  You will practice with classmates.  By ‘practice’ we mean express desire/receive desire, ask for what your want/listen to your partner, design and play out scenes together, expressing your limits and boundaries in real time.


We are expecting the majority of the students to be women, so be prepared to partner with another woman for your scenes.  The class will also touch upon man-woman dynamics and how they interplay with the D/S archetypes in various combinations.  The vast majority of the inquires I have received have been about a female practioner asking for advice in handling a male client.  So there will be a bit more emphasis on this dynamic, though we will cover the range.


I actually think the information in this course is crucial for all women who want to handle men better, regardless of the Dom/Sub position.  There are two paths to a man’s heart—one from below and one from above.  To navigate the path from his head to his heart, an understanding of the archetypes of Dominance and Submission is indispensable. 


Frankly, I feel that any person who works in the field of sensuality and relationships and DOES NOT have an understanding of BDSM is severely lacking and incomplete in their occupation!  There is such depth of knowledge and wisdom about human sexuality and human spirit available in the wide range of practices that fall under the umbrella of BDSM, that to not avail yourself of this knowledge is to operate on half power.  The insights that come from d/s play apply far and beyond the playroom.




I’m delighted to be partnering with the amazing Teeni Dakini for this course.  Teeni is a dear friend as well as a mentor of mine.  I have taken her classes, participated in her rituals, attended her gatherings over many years.  We have travelled to India and back together.  We have conversed passionately for the past decade about the dynamics between men and women, the issues confronting men and women separately, about modern Tantra and D/S and energetics and every other topic related to sensuality and spiritual growth.


She has MANY gifts, among them her intricate knowledge of energetics, which she will be sharing in this course.  Teeni is also superlative at creating and holding RITUAL.  Ritual is an intrinsic aspect of D/s Play and scenes.  Teeni will be training the students in the creation of Ritual and raising Ritual to a level of Art.  And she will guide the participants in creating and maintaining a thriving and positive dynamic with their clients.

—Om Rupani




I have pursued personal growth and emotional release since 1990.  In 2005 I launched my sacred sexuality classes, focusing on the healing possibilities through embracing one's sexual life force energy.  I continue to study with renowned energy teacher Lynda Caesara of Berkeley, CA.

I am passionate about masculine/feminine polarities in relationship, healthy communication, and clean energetic interaction as a responsible adult in a world that is moving into a new consciousness.  My energy awareness work brings much-needed skills and boundaries into everyday interactions.  My focus is supporting people in being real about who they are and what they need: emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually and sexually.  By developing a keen sense of reading the human body's subtle and overt responses and energetic flow, I have supported many clients and students in embracing their spiritual and sexual selves.

Being interested in the many ways we express our sexuality and desire, I have engaged in D/S play in intimate personal relationships as well as working in a supportive role with dominatrixes in their field. The result is seeing more erotic connection than disparity between these two worlds- THE SACRED & THE PROFANE ARE ONE! The ecstatic heights of pleasure are available whether we are engaged in "kink" or "tantric sex"- both involve ritual, respect, and life force energy in motion.

This course is for those practicing dakinis, shamans and explorers of tantra who wish to bring aspects of dominance and submission play into their sessions and/or practice.  In this weekend journey Om and I will explore the combination of tantric awareness and creating D/S scenes for clients and/or partners. The art of Dominance & Submission / BDSM expertly plays with the darker side of our Eros.  Some of the topics that I will be bringing my knowledge and expertise to are:

--- Basic D/S Principles

--- How to safely create and manage D/S scenes

---  Attuning to clients and managing difficult clients

---  Creating Tantric alignment within oneself and with one's client.

--- Ritual and Spiritual protection in a session

Course is open to practicing dakinis and those who have studied tantra. Looking forward to seeing you there!

--- Teeni

About Om Rupani

Om has been practicing and teaching the D/S arts for over a decade.  He has developed and facilitated curriculum in the arenas of D/S play, sexuality, and masculine/feminine dynamics for various organizations including OneTaste, Dark Odyssey, and Masculine Underground.  He teaches his own workshops regularly in NYC, where he lives, as well as across the country.  Take a look at his new book, ‘Prerequisites to Ecstasy’.  

Learn more about Om HERE.

About Teeni Dakini

My intention is to use my gifts of understanding, compassion, guidance and playfulness to aid in opening the hearts of those I work with. I encourage all to embrace the many facets of themselves in order to come into alignment and partner with our Earth and each other to create a more tolerant, loving world. I am especially interested in helping men and women to tap into their own radiance and sources of empowerment. I want to facilitate a healthier sense of sexuality and spirituality within our culture. 

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