The Golden Rule's Dark Reflection

The Golden Rule's Dark Reflection


Why are white people so scared?


Maybe they are afraid of being lynched en masses from the streetlights of their towns. 


Do unto others...  And they have. 


This fear is sitting on the basement floor of white America. A reckoning that could come.  A reckoning that would be understandable.  A reckoning that must be kept at bay. 


Other countries, such as South Africa and its people, have gone through the fear of such a reckoning.  In countries where the oppressors were outnumbered by the populous they were oppressing, the fact and the possibility of this reckoning was always in plain sight for the ruling class. 


In India, few hundred thousand Brits ruled over few hundred millions Indians. The Brits were always afraid. They always feared the rolling boil of their subjects rising up, wrenching power from their masters and devouring and eviscerating their pale bellies in a rampage. 


Same was the case in South Africa. 


In both places, it took the leadership of extraordinary pacifists to create a transfer of power without the exacting of vengeance.  And this is a rather novel invention for humanity—the transfer or exchange of power between two groups without the streets running red for it.


But America has never paid its moral bill. Those white Americans whose basements are rattling right now would of course like to declare that no such bill is owed. And to make sure they are never forced to pay it, they must do whatever they can to keep themselves and their kind intact with the reigns of the country. 


They have Done. 


They are trying hard to assure it is not done to them. 


To put it bluntly, what is behind white america's support of a fellow white demagogue is a deep seated fear that they are on their way to being enslaved and subjugated, dismissed and declared subhuman. 


Nobody wants that for themselves. Their trembling is understandable. 


And who know — once the white people are eventually fewer in number in this great land that has been their land — who knows what terrors are going to leap out towards them.  The rage that is roiling in the basement of the oppressed populous of this county, once it is given expression and license, may just come crashing through that basement doors with fangs bared.  Once upon a time, the most respected members of white society referencing the science of phrenology made their case that black people were of inferior intellect and thus deserving of slavery.  Perhaps once the American majority has turned black and brown, great intellectuals will argue that the inhumanity and cruelty that is the legacy of white America is a clear indication of the inferior moral mettle of the white race, and it therefore follows that white people must logically be relegated to second class status——maybe counted only as a 1/4 human.  And they should be forbidden from any positions that require mortal rectitude and responsibility.  They certainly cannot be trusted in any position of power.  Nor can they be trusted to provide their own children any moral direction.  It logically follows that, out of a humane concern for the innocent pale children, they must be removed from their parent’s tutelage early on and raised by the state to perform productive functions best suited to their limited moral caliber.


This fear of a reckoning is turning white people stupid. It is making them reactive, clouding their judgement.  And it is turning more and more black and brown people white with rage.


The trouble with the dark legacy of race in America is that this country has never had a catharsis around this grave trauma. There have been resolutions and laws. Those are well and good. But there is a dire need for racial catharsis in this country and no sign or hint of such a catharsis in sight. This particular challenge seems to have overwhelmed and befuddled the American genius. 


Here's my solution. It's a bit unconventional, but it can work. This country is in desperate need of a massive D/s scene!  This country direly needs some consensually constructed psychodrama. Maybe we do need to hold mock lynchings of white people on our street lamps. Or we can visit the morgues and vandalize some really white corpses and hang em up for real.  Maybe we need strapping black men strutting in the shiny boots and starched uniforms of white supremacists, dragging white men and women by leashes along the city streets. 


And when that particular scene is over, reverse the positions of man and woman, black and white, oppressor and oppressed.  One moment, enact a scene straight out of your miserable history; next moment, turn the scene upside down till its petticoat is showing.  Mess up the narrative.  Twist the linearity.  Muss it all up.  Mock and vomit on your ugly past and this echo chamber that just won’t die and then turn it on its ears and piss on it.  Then set it on fire.  And sit around the fire together and read some passages from uncle Ellison and Whitman.  Grab the wounds by their throat and fuck them till they ask for more.  


Hurl ever racial slur every which way.  Every word that has power beyond what any single word deserves to have, spit that word at each other till that word is laying limp on the floor like a deflated condom, tragic and feckless. 


Flog and cane and whip each other till you can sing the misery of those who died with corrugated flesh.  Mortify each other’s bodies till your vision turns white and your loins ring with Hallelujah.  


Go through so much pain together that all that is left to do after is forgive and fuck each other. 


Ask forgiveness of everyone for everything. Take responsibility for every sin ever committed — the ones you have committed as well as the one’s committed upon you. Ask forgiveness of those whom you have wronged.  And, as earnestly, ask forgiveness of those who have wronged you.  Otherwise, this knife will keep slicing.


Bring out that which is flaming within. 


Both sides have one big anchor in common — you are Christians, most of you. Take your lead from the big Man himself:


“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”


Tap into the great American Genius and find this catharsis.  Pay the bill that needs to be paid.  This bill that needs to be paid is an emotional one.  So pay it!  Pay it in simulated and consensual scenes before the real bullets and batons and fists set this country on fire. 



——Om Rupani