Dark Eros & Sex Magic - Live Training


This webinar is based on the ideas in the classic book, ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill.  


That book was first published in 1937.  The ideas for manifesting wealth that are in Hill’s book have been credited for the success of dozens if not hundreds of the biggest entrepreneurs of the 20th century.  To date, the book has sold 100 millions copies.  It has been the inspiration for many recent blockbuster books on the subject, including ‘The Secret’ and ‘The Law of Attraction.’


The SEX MAGIC part of Napoleon Hill’s insight and philosophy is one of the least explored aspects.  Hill proposed that the state of sexual ecstasy is among those higher states of consciousness from which creation, manifestation and magic becomes accessible.


The key to the power of attraction is that the fabric of existence responds to our GENUINE internal frequency.  It does not heed our spoken resolutions or affirmations.  If our heart is in a negative space, we can verbally pronounce all the positive affirmation we want, the universe responds to who we truly are, the frequency of consciousness we are truly embodying minute to minute.


This same demand for authenticity applies to our Eros if we are to employ Sex Magic!  Our Ecstasy needs to be REAL; our state of consciousness needs to be authentic for it to have any magical power.  But nowhere are we more false and confused and hypocritical than when it comes to our sexual expression.  Nowhere else are we more dishonest.  This dishonesty about our erotic expression sabotages any real possibility of us wielding the power of Sex Magic.


If anything, quite often we are carrying a great deal of negativity into the aperture when we are open sexually, thereby empowering our negativity with the power of manifestation!


The idea in this webinar is to face and confront those aspects of our Eros that we have deemed DARK and forbidden and taboo and thereby rendered ourselves incomplete and hypocritical in our capacity to touch those high states of Ecstasy from which we might have access to Magic.