ENERGETIC release & erotic play


Laurie Handlers & Om Rupani


February 28th, Wednesday 11pm - 1am

oasis aqua lounge

231 mutual st.

Toronto, ON m5b 2b4





To Release, we have to know what we are holding on to.

Release requires effective techniques for removing the old.

Remove old; make room for new.

In the new, you can play.



There are many forms of play.

You don’t necessarily need a partner to play.  We used to play solitary games in our childhood all the time.

Are you still able to find your sense of play by yourself?

How good are you when playing with a partner?  When playing in a group?



Laurie Handlers and Om Rupani are adept in the fields of TANTRA and BDSM. In this evening class Laurie and Om will take you through a series of exercises for Release & Play.  

These exercise will include breathing and movement and sound.  And you will be invited to step into and explore you Dominant & Submissive archetypes.

Most of the exercises will be partnered exercises that will involve touch.  Participants will always be at choice regarding how much intimate contact they wish to have and how deep they want to play.  

Learning to communicate one's desires and boundaries in real time is an essential ingredient for greeting successful play.