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We used to know how to role play as kids.  Cops and Robbers.  Cowboys and Indians.  Doctor and Patient.

We used to love stepping into a role.  Like casting a transmogrification spell, we would BECOME something.  Not only that, we would become that role in relation to the role of the friend we were playing with.  It was a two-person scene.  And the two roles matched.  They fit.  They were NOT the same role, but they fit together in order to allow one, singular game to take place.

These days, I teach adults to play the very adult game of the Dominant and the Submissive.  But the basic principles, believe it or not, are the same as our childhood games.  

The art of this adult game, as well as its logic, are not all that different from our more innocent ventures.

Why play this game?

Because it’s fun!

Because it’s fun to assume a role and to embody it fully.

And it’s fun to play with/against someone who is playing the complimentary role.

We are intuitively drawn to the structure of two-players, but one-game.

Because it allows us self-expression.

Because by playing roles, we mysteriously become more aware of our genuine nature.

In this short class, I would like to take the participants into the game of The Dominant & The Submissive.

Hope to see you there!

--Om Rupani