I’m grateful for the worlds that have opened to me through my work with Om. D/S comes with so many misconceptions and I feel lucky to be able to learn from the best.

Om holds a space where I am able to open and trust that I am safe while exploring edges, taboos, and desires that I had wondered about for years.

I’ve let go of a lot of shame around my sexuality and around my desire for taboo experiences like submission, objectification, and humiliation. Having a place to dive into those desires without judgment opens up new dimensions in understanding who I am, not just as a sexual being but as a person.

I’ve found more comfort and freedom from self-consciousness around my body. I’ve had experiences of ecstasy and heart opening that made me feel closer to body and spirit. Little did I know that my attraction to D/S would lead to divine experience through embodiment!

This work has also shown me areas where I’ve struggled in relationships, the walls I’ve put up and the ways I’ve kept people at a distance. It has helped to expand my capacity to trust and to let love flow.

I think this work can take you as deep as your desire goes. From a way to have more fun and sensual connection with a partner to an experience of ecstasy and connection to the divine. It’s your choice every step of the way.
— Patricia, Baltimore
When I first started exploring this inner work with Om, it literally shifted my physical body. I am an athlete, and it was like going to a no-B.S. coach and walking away with a lifetime of body knowledge. I learned to trust my body. A shift happened where I began to feel softer, more trusting, less stressed, more confident, and more feeling. I have more fun in my relationships. I assert my natural submissiveness and show more love and understand them as both coming from the same place within. I have a successful relationship because of this work. I would recommend Om’s guidance to anyone who is curious about how to grow sensually, savor their sex, and have more fun.
— Rachel, New Haven
Om is one of the most skilled teachers in D/s relating I know. His work includes both the spiritual/energetic aspects of power play as well as practical tips for safety, communication & increasing turn-on. His ability to work with issues surrounding shame and desire create a space not only for hot sex, but also for powerful healing.
— Candice Holdorf, www.theorgasmiclife.com
As a novice to BDSM, I had no idea what to expect when I signed-up for Om’s intro class. It was the BEST thing I’ve done for my personal development all year. Not only did we explore BDSM in a way that made sense, we explored shame, vulnerability, and relationships. It caused me to reflect on the things that were holding me back (not just sexually, but in life in general). At the risk of sounding cheesy, it was seriously life changing.
— Olive Persimmon
Before the class with Om, I’d never met a dom, or had any experience at all with D/S. Had only read about it in pulpy and misguided fiction like Fifty Shades. Although I wasn’t conscious of it, I guess I had been associating domination with sadism. I thought submission meant being hurt and humiliated for the pleasure of the dom. That was all wrong. Om is gentle and strong, and he showed us how to carefully test our partners’ edges. Boundaries were determined 100% by the sub, with the dom being careful and connected, always getting consent. It was safe and hot. Later, I got to experience private coaching with Om, and he always made me feel safe and protected. And he is a master coach. Working with him is a gift.
— Vivienne
Om’s oaths of consent are hot, and he coached me to stroke a woman to a squirting clitoral orgasm. He didn’t touch her at all. It was fucking incredible. He’s deep and spiritual too, but don’t you want all of it?
— Celeste
I have read about DS play in the past but was reluctant to step into playing without having knowledge and understanding of the philosophy behind it. After hearing from several friends about Om Rupani’s workshops, I decided to step forward into my desire to explore Domination and Submission play. From the beginning of the workshop I felt supported by Om’s knowledge and his clear and deliberate way of imparting the teachings behind BDSM. I was also pleased to see that before any play scenes, we had a deep understanding of what consent is and how to set up clear boundaries within the scenarios. I stepped into this workshop with curiosity and eager to expand my mind with new experiences. At the end of the workshop I felt empowered, open, surrendered and I felt I had tapped into an aspect of power I hadn’t accessed before. If you are ready to tap into your power, tap into your shadow self and experience true surrender, Om Rupani’s workshops are what you need to start your journey or deepen your practice.
— J.G., Austin
Working with Om has been an incredible journey on which I found a fulfillment I didn’t even think was available to me. I had some deep-seated fears around exploring BDSM but Om skillfully and safely took me through them opening doors towards deeper love, surrender and pleasure. I explored and refined understanding my desires and how to communicate them so I can get what I want. I now know myself better and what turns me on which is empowering and gives me new tools to bring about more conscious turn on and passion in my life. Om is a masterful guide whose skills and gentleness are truly a gift.
— Tara Pietrzykowska, NYC