taking the sexal path to awakening


You can take the sensuality principles and the techniques presented her and just enjoy them, create better sex with them and leave it at that.

The statement I just made above is false!  I wish I could say that you…to let you off the hook, to keep sex simple for you.  But the deeper truth is this:  The better you get at sex, the more skilled you get at generating and moving sexual energy in your partner, and the more receptive and surrendered you become at allowing your lover to move your sexual energy, you will not be able to avoid the spiritual component of sex.

This is due to laws and principles that are as simple and direct as the laws of plumbing!  Energy moves!  The more you move that energy, the more you clear your system and allow passage to that energy, the more that energy is going to travel throughout your system.  And energy traveling throughout our system and hitting all the centers is essentially what spiritual experience and advancement is.

So, there is no getting away from the bind that to have good sex is to have spiritual sex, and in order to use sex as a spiritual path you need to acquire skills to give and receive good sex.

Your only out is this:  If you don’t want sex to become a spiritual path, then just keep having bad sex.


If you are serious about using the sexual path as your path to awakening, then give this path the same respect you might give to any other more traditional path.  Don’t be half-ass about it.  Don’t be casual about it.  Bring reverence to it.  Seek guidance towards it.  Be serious about your practice.  Expect frustrations and loss of faith, and have a plan in place for grappling with these challenges.

Above all, don’t try to walk this path on your own or just with your lover.  You won’t make it!  The 3rd Chakra Circus, (all your esteem issues) alone will eat you both alive.

The number of challenges, the number of lies, the amount of self-deceit and distractions are so numerous along the sexual path, that if you don’t try to contain it within the structure of ritual and community, your odds of getting lost in the wilderness are very high.



  • When you enter sex, enter it within Ritual Space.
  • Have mentors holding space, mentors whom you trust to keep you on the straight and narrow.
  • Have a sniper’s rifle out for all the shenanigan’s of the Esteem center attempting to appropriate the energy of the sex center for its own ends.
  • Make all the challenges that show up along the sexual path your rough stone with which to scrape off your ego.
  • Practice with a community of seekers who are on the same path and who are resolved to keep each other honest.


In the absence of this ritualized container, the sexual path will readily devolve into slack indulgence and hedonism.  You will become one of those people that mainstream people legitimately look upon with suspicion, assessing that you are only using all your spiritual chatter just to cover up run-of-the-mill sexual decadence and addiction.




level I


Presence & Good Sex

Arousal Curve 1

4 Strokes for 4 sections of the Arousal Curve

Outer Female Anatomy

Physical Exploration & Communication

Clit-Sides Stroke

Inner Container

Formality, Caliber & Apex characteristics

Coming in Agreement

Arousal Curve 2

Calling Out Strokes


Body to Body connections

Chakra to Chakra connections

Projecting Formality



Master & Surrender Archetypes

Master/Surrender Agreements

Stroking Session as Master & Surrender

Balancing Energies between Surrender & Master

Arousal Curve 3

Creating Formality

Downstrokes & Caliber

Clit-Top Stroke

6 O’ Clock Sweep 

Anchoring Apex into Contentment & Graciousness

Transitioning from Surrender to Master


level II


Form & Chaos

Holding Form.  Moving into Chaos.

Masculine & Feminine Principles regarding Form & Chaos

Cock Anatomy

Male Anatomy Exploration

Cock Stroking

Up Strokes & Down Strokes for Men

All-Fours Stroking Posture

Men Accessing Their Chaos

Verbal Prompts



Internal Female Anatomy

11-1 Stroke

Perineum Squeeze

Standing Stroking Posture

Masculine Form Position

Feminine Form Position

Integrating Chaos

Throat to Pussy Connection (Using Ball-Gags)

Sex Magic

Women Stroking From Chaos

Klee garden.jpg

level iii


3 O’Clock / 9 O’Clock Stroke

Anal Stroke

Pain as Down Stroke

Pain as Up Stroke

Leaning Back Posture

Rope Bondage & Formality

Pain & Caliber

Projecting Apex

Projecting Caliber

Women coming into Erotic Agreement with Each Other




Spanking & Impact Play

Deep 12 O’Clock Stroke

Prostate Stroke

Mutual Stroking

The Yes/No of Eros

Creating the Yes/No Agreement

Emotional Play & Caliber

Pain & Apex

Humiliation & Caliber