the thrill of surrender


Laurie Handlers & om rupani

Thursday, July 12th. 7-10pm

Street Address

London, UK


The thrill of giving up control.

The thrill of speaking your real desires.

The thrill of surrendering to pain.

The thrill of letting others witness you in your get-off.

The thrill of giving power over to another human being.


Join Laurie Handlers and Om Rupani in this evening excursion through your Eros.  We will take you through a set of games and exercises to let you feel the shiver & tingle that only comes in the vicinity of Surrender.

You will completely be at choice as to how far you want to play.  Speaking our desires, boundaries and limits in real-time will be an integral part of this evening.

If you want more of what Laurie and Om offer, they will be teaching a weekend workshop in London titled ‘TANTRA meets BDSM’ on July 14th & 15th.  More info about that workshop as well as about Laurie and Om is available here: