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In this weekend journey, Laurie Handlers and Om Rupani will create a permission field in which the participants can discover a greater YES for their being, their desires, their Eros.  No aspect of our being has been more shunned by society, more relegated to second class status than our Eros—especially the so called darker aspects of our Eros.


The art of Dominance & Submission / BDSM expertly plays with the darker side of our Eros.  In this journey we will take the participants through solo practices of release and self-acceptance, as well as partnered exercise and SCENES in which they may give themselves permission for their desires around POWER, DOMINANCE & SUBMISSION, the giving and receiving of CONTROL and the deeper experience of SURRENDER.


We invite you to come explore and deepen your Spiritual and Erotic journey. Integrate the various aspects of your psyche, discover new levels of turn-on in your relating and sexing.  Say YES to life, to your desires, and to your BEING.


Course is open to singles & couples

Course Fee:  $490 per person for the weekend


Locaton: New York city



Weekend Workshop for Couples.

POWER            SURRENDER            SELF-EXPRESSION            JOURNEY

Curious about BDSM? 

Maybe you’ve already had a taste of D/S magic in your sex. 

Maybe you’ve read about it and its transformative possibilities. 

Maybe a friend has shared with you their experience of the healing power of consciously exploring one’s taboo desires.

Come explore and move deeper!

In this 2-day immersive experience we will take a journey into Dominance and Submission with the intention of expressing internal archetypes, increasing sensation in sex, exploring darkness, healing repressed emotion, deepening connection in relationship, and integrating the psyche.