Book Launch Party!


Hosted by Sexy Spirits

301 West 55th St., Buzzer# 4.  NYC

July 19th.  Wednesday.  7-9pm

Admission:  Free


Locaton: New York city

DATE: august 12th & 13th


Weekend Workshop for Couples.

POWER            SURRENDER            SELF-EXPRESSION            JOURNEY

Curious about BDSM? 

Maybe you’ve already had a taste of D/S magic in your sex. 

Maybe you’ve read about it and its transformative possibilities. 

Maybe a friend has shared with you their experience of the healing power of consciously exploring one’s taboo desires.

Come explore and move deeper!

In this 2-day immersive experience we will take a journey into Dominance and Submission with the intention of expressing internal archetypes, increasing sensation in sex, exploring darkness, healing repressed emotion, deepening connection in relationship, and integrating the psyche.